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Meet The Buyers From These Industries:


Medical Facilities

Government Agencies


Our Unique Concept


Limited to 10 Presenters Only

To ensure our buyers does not experience fatigue, we would only limit this event to 10 presenters. Meaning this event is limited to only 10 suppliers who would like to showcase their products to the buyer. We would also NOT allow more than 2 similar product categories in a single event.

Total of 10 Meetings

There would be a total of 10 buyers from 10 different companies. You would meet up face to face via ZOOM with the qualified buyer.
*Please note as this event runs for a week, some meetings may be staggered across the week according to the buyers’ timing.

10-Minute Per Meeting

You would be provided a 10-minute time frame to present your products to the buyers, this is to ensure the buyers would be engaged throughout your presentation.

What Do You Stand to Gain as A Presenter at the COVID 19?

Meet up directly via ZOOM with key buyers eager to hear more about your products.

Stop Shooting In The Dark
No more need for endless cold calls to talk to the right decision maker

Play An Integral Role During The Pandemic
Play a key role in showcasing technology and equipment in helping the country with the pandemic.

How Do Buyers Attend The COVID 19 Technology Meet?

  • This exclusive virtual meeting powered by ZOOM is only limited to 10 attendees from bonafide hospitals or reputable distributors on a "by invitation" basis.
  • An online application form via an email would be sent to the buyers.
  • Upon filling the form, they would be notified of the status of their application.
  • When their status is approved, a coordinator would be in touch with them to arrange a schedule suitable for them to meet with you.

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Presenter Package includes:

  • Scheduling of meetings with 10 curated buyers from 10 different companies
  • Listing of your company with company profile in the official website for 6 months.
  • ZOOM Virtual Meeting Rooms provided.
  • ZOOM Background design with your company logo.

*The official Language For Presenting is ENGLISH.

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